Tuesday, June 14, 2011


feelin a little bit like this at present:
why, you ask?
-my jeans are fitting a little bit tighter these days. turns out, if all you eat is helado and olive oil, you WILL get fat.
-it's four a.m... got home from madrid with the group two hours ago after seeing los miserables, losing a few group members, missing a train, and bussing it back to alcalá.
-apparently the "study" aspect to the whole study abroad idea really does exist. despite the severe lack of assignments and classes, we still have to take (potentially deadly) finals over all of the information we did(n't) learn.
-i found out about this today. such a shame.
-it is my roommate's birthday, and we didn't even get to party for her.
-spaniards don't believe in air conditioning. it is the summertime. in spain. hence, we never stop sweating once we get home.
-i'm so exhausted already from this week that i fell asleep at least seven times during the play tonight... i liked it and everything.
-it's four a.m.
-there are a lot of king carlos' and ferdinands.

good news is, i'll be with my favorite people in the world (my family) this weekend.
the prospects of germany, italy, switzerland, and france aren't too bad, either.

also... this picture is in fact candid and real life, thanks to mr. jeff laidlaw.
why can't i look this good all of the time?

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Michelle said...

On Greg Mortenson, I found this a while back to be a great article. I should point out that I searched through my FB wall history till I found it. Just for you, homegirl :-) http://www.foreignpolicy.com/articles/2011/04/19/cup_half_empty