Thursday, June 23, 2011

life was all right on the rhine.

we spent one of our days in germany in a little town nearby to frankfurt--
the town was quaint... it contained a lovely little (big) church overlooking the german countryside, an underground city of sorts, and many of our favorite german bakeries!
i thoroughly enjoyed wandering the town with the steiner family and learning a bit about oppenheim's history, thanks to julia, the master translator (seriously, this girl can speak english so well).
the boys tested out some german pastries and strudel,
we drank hot cocoa in the sprinkling rain,
and we found mark zuckerberg's house... what is a better combination than that?!

we stopped back to the house in the evening for a rest and some german hazelnut cake (now do you understand why i'm loving these german traditions?!), then headed to a traditional german restaurant for dinner.
we all ordered schnitzel, which ironically enough, isn't a hot dog.
isn't anything like a hot dog, in fact.
there goes america ruining cool culture again...

i digress. it was the pleasantest of days.
i was reminded nearly every minute why i love germany so.
post title comes from this excellent song.

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