Tuesday, June 7, 2011

spanish BULLies.

i learned a lot today.

1. never eat a half of a bag of gummy bears on an empty stomach when you're taking antibiotics.

2. never think your favorite banana republic wallet is safe in your mostly-zipped purse in a metro car so stuffed that you can hardly breathe, let alone steal a wallet.
3. never expect fun and games from a spanish bullfight.
4. never underestimate the power of a mother's encouragement/save-the-day skills in a time of across-the-globe crisis.
5. never attempt to eat away your sorrows in milka chocolate and kebabs. you'll just end up feeling fat two hours later. and still angry.

1. always stick with devaun when you are feeling blue. she'll cheer you right up AND listen to you vent.
2. always take naps when you are sick. they will help.
3. always leave half-way through a bull fight if you want to avoid vomiting and irrational, one-time urges to call PETA.
4. always ask your family for help in times of need. they will do their best to save you.
5. always say yes when a half-german, half-iranian kebab shop owner asks you to stay in spain and marry him. you'll get free meat instantly, and he'll call you "mi amor" lots.
6. always be grateful that your day wasn't worse.

t'was a doozy.
i wish my wallet thief could hear this song and be a little more like miss r-spekt.
i'll miss you, favorite wallet, 65 euro, credit cards, bus pass, & drivers' license. it's been real.

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Devaun said...

NOTE: listening to that song after someone stole your wallet=depression. so stop. before i have to start talking about cow butts to cheer you up.