Saturday, July 9, 2011

lemony pepper chicken.

so, now that my mom is spending more time at work, i've been commissioned (more like asked politely) to cook for the family a few nights a week.
i've been wanting to improve my diet (after alll of that european nutella) and learn some new recipes, so i happily accepted my mother's challenge.
and thus proceeds my first balanced, gluten-free meal:
lemon pepper chicken.
-4 chicken breasts
-1 lemon (lemon juice works fine too)
-lemon pepper
-olive oil

cut the chicken breast into 1-inch wide strips. place chicken in bowl or pan for marinating. cut lemon and squeeze juice to cover each chicken strip. drizzle with olive oil, and cover generously with lemon pepper.
let marinate for 2+ hours, then toss on the grill! pair with some rice, fruit, and a steamed veggie or two.

this is one of the easier meals i've made... the chicken is bursting with flavor and tastes really fresh and summer-y. it's perfect for feeding big crowds, too.. cheap and filling!

stay tuned for more of my culinary adventures.
oh! and anyone have a good gluten-free recipe they'd care to share?

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