Monday, August 29, 2011

tacos + sunshine=happiness.

right about now, i could reaaallly use some beach time.
the whole idea of that "endless summer" seems incredible.
you know how much i love the sunshine, warm weather, and freedom.
but there's something about summer that makes my favorite mexican food taste better and those nasty mornings seem a bit more bearable.
and the weddings.... oh, how i love the summer weddings.

i know that i've got a few weeks of summer left still (thank goodness!), but given my current state (cooped up in bed, nose bandage in tact), i'm enjoying reminiscing a bit about some of my recent summertime adventures.

while in san diego, i spent an afternoon at the beach with two of the greatest friends.
we really didn't do much but chat and nap (and consequently sunburn), but it was so calming.
just what i needed.
we then proceeded to eat the most delicious carne asada tacos (and devaun sweet-talked her way into some free diet coke) at a little surf/taco shop nearby.
so, so good.

what are your favorite summer memories?

post script: sorry for the overload of instagram photos, as of late. my little nikita has just needed a bit of a break from the elements... that's all.


kylee said...

instagram is a life savor for girls like us with broken cameras. i would be dying without some form of picture taking.

Gaby said...

yum, mexican food in the summertime! almost makes me excited about our upcoming summer :)

alissa b said...

i'm a newbie to your blog! i love these bits and pieces of your summer!

great photos, great post!

alissa b