Friday, August 26, 2011

third time's a charm?

so i'm all moved in, back in provo.
and i thought... what better way to celebrate my return to utah than by having another sinus surgery?
okay, maybe not. that was the furthest thing from my actual wishes.
but alas, i've been dealing with the chronic sinusitis again in the other part of my sinuses, so another surgery became necessary.
and a power wash too... they basically took a power washing tool and shot it all through my sinuses. kinda crazy, no?

i was a bit more nervous for this surgery than normal... my doctor operated on my frontal sinuses, which are close to the brain and eyes, so it's a riskier surgery.
but, thank goodness, all went well.
i survived!

thanks to my lovely devaun, who spent 7 hours with me this morning... listening to my little moans of pain/watching me come out of anesthesia, talking to me, driving me around, & spoon feeding me ice chips and pudding.
she was so comforting to me during this crazy day, and i can't thank her enough. she's going to be one incredible nurse some day.
so, thank you, devs! te amo.
oh yeah, and we also took awesome photos in the recovery room...

so now i'm in recovery mode again for a while. my mama flew in from denver, and so she's nursing me back to health while i try to get ahead on school work, rest, work, & watch lots and lots of movies. aren't parents the best?

sorry i don't have any cool stories from the recovery room, but the anesthesiologist did let me put myself under. tasted gross, but was kind of neat.

sorry for any misspellings/illogical sentences. these pain killers do funny things to me...

oh! and final p.s. i'm reworking my blog a bit... so sorry for taking over your google reader feed. i'll be done soon, i promise :)


Autumn @ Autumn All Along said...

That doesn't look fun, hopefully it fixes some things for you. Get to feeling better!

Emily Ae-hui DeKam said...

i hope you start feeling better, anna! i'm so glad devaun was able to be there for you :)

Jen Kerr said...

I hope you feel better! My mom just had surgery for chronic sinusitis. I hope the surgery makes it better for you!!

Jenni Guynn said...

oh my I am on my way to this surgery. god bless chronic sinusitis!

Libby said...

Isn't Devaun so sweet? She's in the nursing program with me so I've also been able to witness her being great with people firsthand. I'm glad she was there for you. Hope you recover quickly!

Alycia Grayce (Crowley Party) said...

thats no fun! happy to hear all went well :) welcome back to provo! I just moved here myself :)!

Taylor Ann said...

Dear Anna, if you need a friend.... we are blog friends. obviously. but we are also in the same city. and I'm all about real friends. and I would love to exchange photography tips. Or get them. I'm workin on it