Sunday, August 21, 2011

good eats: la jolla.

while in san diego, we ate... and ate... and ate.
you know, what girls do best.
whit showed us all of the best restaurants in la jolla, and i was onee happy anna.
our eats included taco surf, the frosty shack, la cantina, & yogurtland.
in case you don't believe just how good this food was, here are a few photos as evidence...
avacado scramble, coconut french toast, & chorizo scramble at la cantina for our friday brunch.
now do you believe me?
nom nom nom.


kylee said...

good trips are all about good food!

meg fee said...

oh these pictures are absolutely amazing! as is the color of the blouse in that first photo!

Joscelyn Gleave said...

your pictures of food make me sick! but in the best way that makes me so incredibly jealous. love it!