Wednesday, September 14, 2011

birthday boy!

i cannot believe my little benny is eighteen.
where does the time go?
bennett is such a rock star... so kind, smart, talented, & hilarious.
seriously the friendliest person i know.
he's one of the few people who will act like a five year old with me, and he'll never turn down an episode of the office or arrested development. 
he's currently ruling his high school with student government and varsity tennis, all while wearing wolf shirts (only on wolf shirt wednesdays) and purple pants (only to homecoming.) 
will and i can't wait for him to (hopefully) decide to join us at the Y next year!
how did i get so lucky to have such a great little bruddah?
really, though.

furaha ya kuzaliwa, benny!!
(happy birthday in swahili. he loves swahili, naturally.)
i sure love you!


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Kimberly said...

happy birthday to your brother, thanks for the comment

Taylor Ann said...

I hope he and my brother are friends at BYU next year... for real.