Friday, September 2, 2011

familia + fro yo.

so i finally fell asleep before five a.m. last night, i'm accomplishing just a little bit more each day, and i can now actually blow my nose, 
so i'm a bit of a happier anna these days. 
i'm especially excited about this weekend! 
my parents are coming into to town (as we speak), so i'm looking forward to a fun weekend of family & food. 
really though, what better combination is there than food + family?
plus, byu football starts up tomorrow and the u.s. open is in full swing... so i think we'll manage to stay busy.

i'm grateful to be so close with my family... 
when i was in boise a few weeks ago, we celebrated being together with a night of frozen yogurt and catching up! 

i somehow missed getting a picture of THE great uncle jeff (he was probably off getting free yogurt ;)). and maybe i lied a little when i said all of these people are family. shouldn't it count that they feel like family to me? 

where do you and your families (or like-family members) go to eat and catch up?


Ashley from Sloanbook said...

Um yum! I love frozen yogurt! I haven't had it in forever though! I need to change that! Thanks for your sweet commenting regarding the disease I may have! (Probably do) I added you on Facebook so hopefully that wasn't too creepy haha! :) Anyways, I'm sorry to hear about your chronic pain and health issues! I am surprised by how many people have these! Or maybe just the ones who do commented! Do you think you have any other autoimmune diseases? Since you said the insulin thing is probably related? Anyways, talk to you soon! And you should put an email on your Blogger profile so I can reply by email too! :)


Ariel Tyler Henley said...

I was home from college for a month this summer, and my twin sister and I seriously went every week to get frozen yogurt and hang out. SO yummy!
Lovely blog, by the way! :)