Friday, September 9, 2011

momma once told me, you're already home when you feel love.

so you know how much i (generally) dislike winter.
but this video has a certain, wintery romance about it...
and the song is pretttty great, as well.
and the little stomp-dance going on at about 2:37? so awesome.
what can i say?
i'm obsessed.
feeling a little inspired for a winter-y engagement shoot, after this...
any takers?


Caitlin said...

:sigh: Winter. I'm already dreading it. But you're right, there is some beauty to least until January 1, or so. Then it can go away. :)

monster cakes said...

I love this band. And that video is so cute! I hadn't seen it yet! I got married in winter, and it was a blizzard a day before the wedding. : ) So so pretty (and FREEZING for pictures as you can imagine). I hope you get to shoot a winter engagement shoot! I'd love to see that!

kylee said...

the head & the heart is one of my allll time favorites! and that song is pure beauty. i went to an iron & wine concert where they opened and i must admit, i went more for them than iron & wine. worst part is the guys i went with made us late so i only got to hear 1 1/2 of their songs. i was secretly devastated.

Unknown said...

Just stumbled upon your blog and it's lovely! Love the name. :) Now following!