Thursday, September 1, 2011

paddle surfing.

my dad really is the best. 
he's so kind, smart, & interesting. 
and for the last few years, his favorite interest has been paddle surfing.
he dreamt of paddle surfing vacations in san diego and costa rica and watched youtube video after youtube video of paddle surfing.
but he's never really gotten to actually paddle surf himself.
so when my friend's friend (thanks rafe!) gave us the opportunity to try paddle surfing a few weeks ago in mission bay, i jumped at the chance.
you know, wanted to make dad proud and all!
and i must admit, i kind of fell in love.
even though i wasn't the speediest of paddlers and had a bit of trouble turning, i loved just cruising around on the water and taking in the sunshine.
there's something about the water that just makes me so happy.
someday, maybe i'll try it on the ocean and become legit. 
but i'd be happy just paddling around a bay again someday with my dad.
paddle surfing
have any of you tried paddle surfing?
if not, do it! so much fun.


amber lynn said...

my husband and i just got gift cards to go paddle boarding! i can't wait to try it :)

Aymaraman said...

Thanks Tweet! Costa Rica...paddle surfing.. 2012!

Unknown said...

we have been dying to try this!! it looks like so much fun.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous legs!! Did you get those from your mama???