Monday, September 12, 2011

nine eleven.

when the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.
-jimi hendrix
when i think about 9/11/2001, i am still a little bit confused.
i cannot even begin to fathom such human cruelty and hatred, such bigotry.
i hate how this event tore families apart, brought grief and torment to survivors' lives, and broke so many hearts.
how in a few hours, the world was taken over by uncertainty and grief.
i hate how it tainted the islam religion and created prejudices against innocent middle-easterners.
i hate the war that's ensued and the thousands who have died since.

but this isn't about hatred... it's about the opposite, in fact.
if we had a little more peace in the world, we could prevent these tragedies from happening again in the future.
i think about the columbine shootings and 9/11, the two tragedies that i spent hours watching news footage of, the two tragedies that shaped my childhood,
and i get worried.
i worry about what distaster will come next for us... will it be worse?

but i also know that all will be well in the end and we'll be taken care of, as long as we're faithful and courageous.
God will look out for us and has a greater plan for all of us.
but i still think that we can all take part in creating a more peaceful earth.
we can be more tolerant, less judgmental, and kinder.
we can smile a bit more, open our minds to learn about other cultures and faiths, love ourselves more, and love each other more.

i know that i can improve in these regards, at least.

9/11 was a tragedy... still is a tragedy for our nation and many others.
but we can learn from this experience and work hard to prevent this type of hatred from surfacing in the future.
i think this sums it up really, really nicely.

may God bless those who are mourning lost loved ones on this day and help us to love a little bit more.

*image taken in dachau, germany at a nazi concentration camp, ® anna gleave photography 2009.


kylee said...

sometimes when i think about the future i get scared and worried but then i remember that god is over all and if we continue to live on the path of righteousness we have nothing to fear. your 9.11 post was such a great one my dear. a true post full of hope and gratitude.

Unknown said...

Love that quote by Jimi Hendrix! Thanks for sharing. The husband and I visited the Richard Nixon Library over the weekend and there was a 9/11 tribute there. They had steel from the World Trade Center and it was so surreal to see it in person. Definitely won't forget that experience!

~ Angela

Anonymous said...

What a thoughtful, touching piece of writing. It is people like you who will change the world for the better.