Wednesday, October 26, 2011

kyle & lindsey: engagements.

i have so many shoots waiting to be posted... i know, i know, i'm so bad these days. 
but life (mostly school) has gotten in the way. 
what can i say? i'm trying to be a good student and everything.
but i've been missing colorado a bit lately and just had to post one of my favorite CO shoots from this summer.
i grew up in the same community with lindsey and was so excited when she asked me to do her engagements. 
we had a great time talking about our big, grown-up lives and about spain...
 lindsey lived there a few summers ago-- a woman after my own heart!
we lucked out with an amazing summer evening; the weather was perfect, the grass was still green, and the lighting was beautiful!
lindsey and kyle were so wonderful to work with, and i can't wait to shoot their red rocks wedding next summer!
o kl
o kylelindsey-51
o Untitled-6
o kylelindsey-24
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o kylelindsey-63
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o kylelindsey-40
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{denver, colorado engagement photography}


Unknown said...

adorable photos!

Sam W. said...

very pretty!! great backdrop :)

brooke field said...

absolutely wonderful shots!