Sunday, October 2, 2011

workin' for the weekend (or something?)

what's made this weekend awesome:
-finally, a byu victory we can (sort of) be proud of! storming the field afterwards... not so much. but it was fun?
-not feeling quite so sick.
-actually hanging out with friends. acting my age, you know?
-conference. conference. conference.
-a successfully planned/executed bridal shower & lots of fun for your best friend.
-mom and dad coming to town, bringing loads of gluten-free goodies (and your new contact prescription!)
-brunch with said, awesome parents.
-finally having a partially decorated living room.
-playing with spain amigos (and other friends).
-a little bit of rest.
-laughing at the oh-so-strange social paradigm that is provo.
-the prospects of bringing out my halloween goodies.

what's making your weekend lovely?

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