Tuesday, November 22, 2011

downtown date.

when your little brother asks you to go downtown with him to the new h&m,
you don't say no.
so i started off my thanksgiving break doing just that this afternoon. 
it was aweeesome. 
we jammed the entire way there, 
then stopped for some peppermint hot cocoa ('tis the season!),
people watched,
and shopped.

bennett was pumped to get some new hipster gear,
and i was happy to just go along for the ride.
i may or may not have gotten a little christmas shopping done at the same time, too!

regardless, it was such a fun afternoon in the city.
denver really is so great.
as are the holidays.
and familias! of course.


on a side note,
it really was weird to be back in an h&m...
i think i've only been to one h&m in the states; 
every other time i've been has been in europe.
maybe i like their clothes better when i'm feeling european?
who's to say.

also, on a completely unrelated side note,
i'm getting another root canal in six hours.
happy thanksgiving to meeeeeeeeee!

what are you doing this thanksgiving break?


kylee said...

root canal over thanksgiving break?! how awful! sure hope you get to enjoy the goodness of the thanksgiving feast.

his little lady said...

i've been meaning to go to H&M and keep forgetting. thanks for the reminder loverly!!
xo TJ