Monday, November 28, 2011

the hardest part.

every time i come back to school, a little sadness sparks within me. 
there's something about home that i just hate to let go of.
i don't know if it's my bed, easy access to an elliptical machine, all of the memories of home, or just all of that colorado-y goodness that gets me the most.
actually, it's these people that get me the most:
after living at home during my nine months of (the worst) illness, i've really hated leaving home.
there's something about spending so much time with the people that i love the most.
at home, i feel so safe and simply... content; when i'm at home with my family, i don't need anything else.
though "home" might be changing soon, it'll really always just be where my family is. 

i loved this past week i spent in colorado.
knowing it could be one of our last holidays there made it extra special-- and extra hard to leave.
that, and the craziness i face over the next two and a half weeks, have made coming back to utah a doozy.

for the next little while, 
i'll be piled under three presentations, six papers, a move, four shoots, five exams, the planning of a bridal shower, and maaybe a bit of christmas-y spirit in there somewhere.
so again, i apologize for being so absent from the blogosphere as of late. 
it'll get better... i promise. 
in the meantime, tell me... how were your thanksgiving weekends?!

photo taken in southern switzerland, summer 2011.

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kylee said...

please tell me i'm not the only one who hates that the end of a semeser lies right within all the fun christams festivities. sooo much school work to be done when so much holiday stuff is happening. it's the absolute worst. good luck with your crazy school to-do list and the bridal shower too!