Tuesday, November 15, 2011

ramblings and a pregunta.

so i promise i'll stop posting awkward photos of myself if you can help me out with something!! 
i'm terribly in need of some migraine advice...
i got chronic complex migraines for part of last year, and they've been back for the last month or so.
i'm generally pretty decent at coping with them,
but i feel as if they've started hindering my ability to even have a normal conversation over the past week...
you know, killing my personality.
and i kinda liked my personality, once upon a time.

can anyone recommend anything that helps with their migraines?
medications? old-wives tricks? anything? bueller?
really, though. i am getting desperate, and am willing to try almost anything.
my neurologist just switched my meds, and this new one kinda makes me feel like an alien... not my favorite.

on a completely unrelated note, how awesome is beyonce
seriously, if i could sing/move like this without a child in my womb...

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happpppy holidays.
& thanks in advance! 


Alexis Ann said...

i also get terrible migraines.
the best thing i do is take migraine Excederin, drink a lot of water & eat enough food. also, sleep deprivation is what causes me to get them so..SLEEP!(:

JanessaGrapeJuice said...

Put an ice bag on your neck. I have chronic migraines (I am lucky if I get at least one day a week where they don't come on) and I've had them for the last 4 years or so. They can be related to Celiac Disease so really watch your diet to make sure that there isn't any cross contamination or if there's that "hidden ingrediant" that's making you sick. I also take Excederin but only when they get really bad. I was told by my neurologist to be careful with Excederin because it can cause rebound headaches (which is not a fun thing to experiance). So try the bag of ice, look up the pressure points on your body that can relieve migraines (That has helped me a lot too), and make sure that your really hydrated. :)

Angela [Simply Simple Me] said...

Good luck with the migraines. I get them occasionally (usually stress induced) and I just sleep them off.

kaileigh elizabeth said...

topomax will help you greatly. you won't feel all that hot for the first week or two that you take it, but once your body gets used to it, it helps so much. its a prescription medicine so you'll neeed to have your doctor prescribe it. it works magic though!