Thursday, December 29, 2011

make your day break.

do you know what inspires me? 
this beautiful world that we live in. 
when i'm out traveling, exploring, i get this sweeping feeling of youth, of invincibility, of pure happiness. 
i want to learn french in a parisian cafe, hear the songs of pan flutes in the peruvian andes, & watch the tribal dances in uganda.
i want to swim in the greek isles, camp in the amazon, and wander through old jerusalem.
there is little that inspires me more than visiting different parts of the world.
and i felt this exact feeling of inspiration... of happiness, as i sat in the back of a jeep in cozumel, mexico last week.
oh, what a world.

i feel so blessed to have traveled so much thus far in my life and can't wait for the adventures to come.


Whitney said...

loved it, as I do all of your work.
I am jealous.
Lets make our next adventure together?

Devaun said...

I'm in love. Ditto Whit.

MALPAL said...

Anna. Why do you have to be so freaking amazing? I loved the video. So fun. I'm uber jealous. Let's go to Mexico sometime soon mmkay?