Sunday, January 8, 2012

beth + matt wedding.

so, remember this best friend's wedding that i've mentioned two or three (hundred) times lately?
well, i just might've made a little video of it.
you see, darling beth is a videographer by profession. 
so it killed me when i found out that she didn't have a videographer for her wedding. 
so i decided to whip out my camera (it went really well with my bridesmaid dress, you know)
and put together this little video for the bride & groom, with the help of another bridesmaid/dear friend, averill corkin.

i was surprised by how much fun i had shooting this footage and editing it. 
it was so, so cool to see the day's events and the couple's love through a completely different perspective, 
and i loved reliving all of the amor and fun over and over again as i worked on the project! 
these two were simply radiant.
i'm still a little obsessed with all of the beauty of the day-- the perfect weather & lighting, the gorgeous temple, and the glowing couple.

so to matt & beth, i love you! 
and to the rest of you lovelies, thanks for checking out my project! 

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MALPAL said...

Anna that was amazing. It looked like so much fun and great song selection!