Friday, January 27, 2012

a day at versailles.

i've spent the past five days literally in bed with a nasty sinus infection (okay, with a bit more mobility today),
and thus i have been thinking of happier, more europe-y times. 

when will & i were in paris this past summer, 
we spent a lovely morning in versailles. 
after an early morning wake-up call, we took the two-hour metro ride from our hotel and found ourselves in the loveliest of neighborhoods. 

we treated ourselves to a morning of royalty... strolls through the never-ending gardens, baked potatoes outside marie antoinette's chateau, and a stop in louis' hall of mirrors.
and speaking of potatoes... i ate the most delicious curry-topped potato (i know, sounds weird, but you can't judge it until you try it!).
it was easily the best meal i ate while in france.
and as i was eating it, the most precious little old french woman came up to me and exclaimed,
"bon appetit!"
i'm serious.
it was perfect and sweet and candid and made all of my little parisian dreams come true.


i thought versailles was really, really cool... i did.
but i must admit, i didn't fall in love with it. 
i'm sure i was a bit biased, due to my two-in-a-row tour of the palacio real in madrid, 
but i was a bit disappointed with the lack of upkeep at versailles. 
and the fountains weren't even working! 

but alas, if you asked me to go back tomorrow... i'd go.
plus, those macaroons are just oh so pretty to look at. 
am i right?


Libby said...

Who knew cookies could be so pretty?

MALPAL said...

oh m gee. we need to make macaroons. STAT! let's throw a versailles party. classy french stuff anyone?

Devaun said...

How did you get so many shots without tourists??