Tuesday, January 3, 2012

honduras, part two.


back to some travel pictures/words.
because, you know, it's one of my favorite things... ever.

we spent the first (docked) day of our cruise on roatan, honduras-- this small isle off of the mainland.
it was absolutely stunning, and had that latin flair that i adore.
we spent the morning exploring the island, then parked it on a beautiful beach for a while.
after a nap at the beach and tacos for lunch, we were set for the afternoon!
we hopped on a boat and headed out to the reef for some scuba/snorkeling.
there's something really unique about being in the silence of underwater and seeing all of the beautiful fish and plant life. i always forget how awesome it is until i adventure back into the water.
after an afternoon of ice cream bars, hiking, swimming, and sun basking, we headed back to the boat.

i, for one, would love to go back to honduras.
care to join me?

p.s. how awesome/hilarious are the shots of my dad/jake in the scuba gear? priceless. 

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