Friday, January 13, 2012

rupper wedding.

i figured it was just about time to finally blog another one of my 2011 weddings; i only have about eleven i haven't shared with you yet...
and so do you remember this darling couple?
and this excellent event from last fall? 
well their fall wedding at the salt lake city lds temple and wadley farms was just perfect.
lauren pulled off the blend of east coast prep and country flawlessly, 
and dan was just googley-eyed in love with her alllll day long. 
i loved the chance i had to be both a bridesmaid and photographer (and got an awesome workout, running around in four-inch heels all day!)
and i just love these two. thanks for letting me share your wedding day with you!

o Rupper-801o rupper23
o rupperblog
o rupper19
o rupper11
o rupper18
o rupperblog2
o Rupper-203
o Rupper-860
o rupper15
o Rupper-209
o rupper10
o Rupper-264
o rupper13
o Rupper-278
o Rupper-850
o Rupper-183
o Rupper-835
o Rupper-828
o rupper24
o rupper12
o rupper21
o rupper25
o Rupper-25
post script: and if you think this is an aesthetic overload, just wait until you see their formals! (to come... soooon.)
post, post script: can you spot me?!
post, post, post script: did you see the repunzel shot in the tower? lauren has always been dan's "blondie"...

{utah engagement & wedding photography}


Unknown said...

gorgeous photos!!

theorangebutton said...
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Lauren Rupper said...

oh my gosh anna love it! these pictures are great. you did an awesome job capturing our day

Malorie said...

love love love