Wednesday, February 15, 2012

happy valentine's day!


though i'm quite valentine-less, my roommates and i decided that it was necessary to celebrate valentine's day with a week's worth of love!
on sunday evening, we concocted our very own heart-shaped pizzas and (sort of) watched a chick flick... homework always seems to work its way into our plans.

i whipped up the most delicious, gluten-free, onion, green pepper, and grilled chicken pizza
and was in absolute heaven. 
i used bob red mill's gf pizza crust mix and fresh ingredients and am still eating leftovers!
what's better than that? 

today was a decent little valentine's day.
after staying up most of the night finishing my phonetics exam, 
i spent the day in classes and finishing assignments.
kickboxing and a taco date with my roommate ensued, 
and then came a brief party visit and another valentine's treat (i know, i know...), 
and now it's back to the books.
i'm currently writing a paper on ascariasis (internal worms) to top off the night... how romantic!
and that's just the life of a public health major. 

how was your valentine's day?

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