Tuesday, February 28, 2012

holiday weekend traditions.

as part of our annual president's day weekend family reunion, 
we stuck with tradition (granted, it's our only tradition...)
we headed up big cottonwood canyon toward brighton 
for some sledding and lunch. 
we ate lunch at the usual, the silver fork lodge,
and it was as warm & cozy as always. 

we shared some good conversation,
some comfort food,
and lots of hot cocoa.

is there a better combination? 
i think not. 


post script: i know how awkward i look in that picture, but i had to show off bennett's mountain man look. just because i'm a photographer, doesn't mean i'm photogenic. but i'm working on that one...

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Nettie's Blog said...

gorgeous pics...i love the last one with the root beer...we dont have that in Australia..."himself" adores it..we drank gallons of it when we visisted the USA..