Saturday, February 18, 2012


i won't lie; this week has been a toughie. 
between phonetics exams and papers on worm diseases, 
i've pulled a few almost-all-nighters.
and with prospects of a scholastically-filled next few weeks straight,
i was feeling a little bleak. 

fortunately, my family came and saved the day...
(thank goodness for holiday weekends!)
but more about that later.

yesterday, as i sat in spanish class, 
i dreamt of all of the faraway places i've been...
and all of the places i want to go!

i thought about my short jaunt to belize this winter 
& about how much i love it.
we spent my mother's fiftieth birthday
(though she doesn't look a day over 42)
in the amazing country of belize. 

we packed on a bus and took a tour of the capital city and surrounding areas,
then hiked through the sticky belize jungle to a river and some caves.
we then proceeded to tube down the river, through the ancient mayan caves...
the coolest thing ever, no? 

a few tube malfunctions and a lot of laughs later, we made it back to the bus, 
where we shred a tire on the way home. 
though we were all a little bit food-and-sleep deprived,
i wouldn't have necessarily minded getting stranded in belize.

oh yeah, and all of those puns that conveniently fit with the word "belize" are oh, so real.
i can't tell you the number of times i heard "can you BELIZE it?" or "have an unBELIZEable day!" while in the country. 

if you ever have a chance to go to belize, please do. 
the country is scenic, the people are amazing, 
and tourism really helps them all.

also, you can go tubing through ancient caves while dodging bamboo shoots. 
need any more incentive? i sure hope not!


Denise said...

You lucky duck!! I've always wanted to go to South America. Looks awesome!

jordyn said...

looks like a cool trip! i would love to be in a warm, sunny country during this super lame, cold wet month of february...