Tuesday, March 27, 2012

around the world in 2013.


this describes me. this inspires me. 
i am realizing more and more that exploring the world is my true passion.
there is nothing i find more intriguing and inspiring than getting off a plane in a new place, taking in the culture, & snapping a few photos along the way.

so what's currently inspiring me? 
a winter 2013 trip around the world.
you heard me right...
this is the kind of thing i have always wanted to do,
and it makes me happy every day, 
just thinking about it. 

assuming we can finance it, 
my best friend from home (and maybe a few others!) are going to circle the globe.

what's on our list?, you ask.
two months in peru for an internship.
south africa or ghana.
spain, scandinavia, budapest.

and the best part? 
we want to do some sort of humanitarian/service project everywhere we go. 
i can't stop thinking about it. i really can't. 
have you been any of these places? recommendations? tips? 

oh, to be young. 
this is the perfect pre-grad-school adventure. 
i honestly cannot think of anything better. 


Joscelyn Gleave said...

YES come to Australia!

Angela [Simply Simple Me] said...

I love this quote so much. It describes my outlook on life right now and I'm trying to live up to it.

I'm glad you do as well and are as well :)