Monday, March 19, 2012

home free.

so i've been fighting off one nasty bug for the past week or so. 
but i had this weekend getaway to colorado planned, and i really, really, really wanted to go still.
and you know what? i think that trip home was just what the doctor ordered.

there's just something about home that i can't get enough of.
the feelings of security of being in your own bed, in a house with your own parents.
the ever-blue colorado skies and fresh colorado air.
the endless supply of gluten-free pretzels and other goodies.
the "visiting home" traditions and feelings of familiarity.
the jokes with the little brother and strolls with the doggie. 

really, i could go on and on.

even though i'm now back in utah, swamped with two papers due tomorrow and looming finals, 
i am so grateful for a quick, relaxing weekend at home.
i'm sure i'll tell you allll about it. 
after i get some sleep.

thanks to madre & faj, as always, for making the fun weekend possible! 

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