Wednesday, March 21, 2012

joshua + jillian: wedding.

with all of this warm weather over here, i'm starting to get a bit of spring fever!
so, i figure it's time to share some more of my weddings from last summer... get excited!

i flew up to portland in august for josh and jillian's wedding,
and it was really, really fun.
it was a hot day for portland (95 degrees!), and i was shooting with pink eye,
but it was a great day nonetheless, and i'm happy with the way the photos turned out.
the portland lds temple is gorgeous... i love the white marble in the midst of all of those giant evergreen trees.
but don't take my word for it, see for yourself...

o torassa16
o torassa14
o torassa10
o torassa4
o torassa9
o torassa7
o torassa8
o torassa12
o torassa3
o torassa4
o torassa13
o torassa6
o torassa11

josh and jillian make such a great pair,
and i loved getting to spend their big day with them!
congratulations, you two!

anna gleave photography
{destination wedding photography}


Anonymous said...

love the scenery!

jordyn said...

ooh i love their little bridesmaid outfits. the little shrug with the flower in their hair. so cute!

beautiful pictures!

Unknown said...

Good one! Congratulations to the adorable couple. They remind me of my sister and her husband. They got married years ago in one of the Seattle Wedding venues. I was their photographer and I really think that this photographer has done a tremendous work here.