Sunday, March 25, 2012

my little brother is a stud.

we've all been loving bennett's recent discovery of so many hidden talents...
you know, acting, swimming, bongo-ing.

he's a senior in high school and has decided that it's about time to try everything new,
and we love it!

when i was home last weekend, i was able to watch him and his buddy in the school talent show.
his talented friend wrote the song and asked bennett to back him up on the bongos.
so with a few hours of experience under his belt, 
he bongo-ed it up for us...
along with a little impromptu scat. 

and after the performance, 
all he said to me was, "i do it for the ladies." 

little benny is such a free spirit...
i sure love that kid. 

1 comment:

Unknown said...

"I do it for the ladies?" Too funny! Your little brother sounds like a cool kid. My niece is almost his age. It's fun reliving high school through her.

Oh, I LOVED The Hunger Games! It lived up to my very high expectations!