Tuesday, April 24, 2012

arizona weekend.

a few words and photos to sum up my arizona trip:
familia + food + rest.


i'm back in utah now for what'll inevitably be a whirlwind spring term (hello, ten credits in 2 months!),
but i'm so grateful for the little five-day long weekend i had in arizona. 
i had such a great time.

i just tried to let myself unwind a bit after finals, while spending time with my darling grandparents and incredible father.
we passed the time by making homemade pizza, painting, baking gluten-free bread, and watching movies. 
we may or may not have gone to my favorite mexican restaurant twice within a three-day period (thanks, padre!!),
and we avoided the heat by just relaxing indoors.

my grandparents really are some of my favorite people in the world.
they're just so loving.
my dad and his brothers gave my grandma an ipad this weekend, 
so i spent the last few days teaching her how to use it. 
when they gave her the ipad initially, she was so emotional;
she was shaking and nearly crying with gratitude and appreciation.
it was so sweet. 
and she's been so delighted with every aspect of the ipad; 
with every new app i taught her to use, she'd say, "wow! isn't that something?", or something along those lines. it is so cute.
she can't stop saying thank you for this little gift,
which makes me realize how much i take for granted in the circumstances i've grown up in.
she taught me a big lesson about gratitude.
and for an 85-year-old, she sure can navigate that ipad like a pro :) 

and my grandpa?
he's always an example to me... he's one of the happiest people i know.
though he's had a few health challenges, every time i talk to him and ask how he's doing, he always says,
"great! every day is a gift, and i'm happy to be alive."
and the thing is, he truly means it. 
he's grateful for every day.

now can you see why i love spending time with these two? 
i can't wait to go back!

how were your weekends?

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