Sunday, April 29, 2012

mitchell + elena wedding, part one {san diego, destination wedding photography}.

i just shot my first wedding of the season,
which got me thinking... how many weddings from last year i still have to share with you!

mitchell and elena really had one of the most magical weddings.
they were sealed in the san diego lds temple (really, one of the most beautiful temples!),
and then they had their reception at disneyland;
i wasn't lying when i said it was magical.

the whole day was fit for a princess,
and elena really looked like one.
they were both beaming the whole day,
so exuberant and full of joy.
i loved working with them because they weren't afraid to try anything!

i have too many photos to share in just one post, 
so we'll start with part one of elena & mitchell's fairytale wedding: 
the temple and la jolla beach.

o davidson22
o davidson13
o davidson19
o davidson5
o davidson23
o davidson6
o davidson2

part two (ring ceremony and reception at disneyland!) coming later this week...

{san diego, disneyland wedding photography}


Melissa said...

WOW, beautiful pics...
It looks like a magical day!!

his little lady said...

oh gosh, they are radiant and beautiful! love her ring!!
xo TJ