Friday, April 20, 2012

modern art + pizza + hollywood.

once upon a friday,
will, tess, juni, & i had a not-so-double date (that is definitely worth mentioning). 
we started the night off by going to this contemporary art show held in the locker room of the football stadium.
it was really interesting; my favorite exhibit was ironically in the showers, where there were plastic bags filled with water and goldfish hung from the ceiling. really cool. 

then, tess & i grabbed pizza from one of our new favorite spots, malawi's,
while the boys saved us seats at the theater.
i ordered a chicken and veggie gluten-free pizza (sooo good!)
and was utterly content.
so then we saw "the greatest love story of all time"... 
titanic, of course.
and most of us cried.


sometimes, fake dates with your brother and his best friend aren't so bad. 
you should try it sometime.

p.s. sorry for the pizza-only pictures; the rest of the night wasn't super picture-conducive. 
p.p.s. i finally finished finals! and my last winter semester at byu! huzzzah.

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