Sunday, June 24, 2012

another state, another sunset.


i feel like my life has been nothing but constant motion these past few months
(hence the serious lack of content on this blog...sorry!)

i spend all of my free time schooling, working, researching, and finding the time to play with friends,
and i come home every night exhausted.

yet after a long weekend of work and studying,
i think back to that moment tonight,
when i was packing up my camera bag and glanced out of the ninth floor of the joseph smith memorial building to this view,
and i realize that it's all worth it.

god is so good 
and has blessed me immensely. 

if i'm coming home every night exhausted because i'm busy doing what i love,
enriching my mind,
making connections for my future,
and enjoying my summer with friends,
i have no reason to complain.

photo ® anna gleave photography 2012.


Denise said...

I concur! :)

Emily Ae-hui DeKam said...

Anna, I admire you so much! You have so much drive and accomplish so much. Your photography is beautiful--as always!