Thursday, August 23, 2012

an afternoon con los niños.

i feel like the learning curve here in the dominican republic is a little large. 
i mean, it just takes a bit of adjustment, especially from my insect-free, air-conditioned life in the states.
add some tropical hurricanes in the mix, and the learning curve gets a liiiittle steeper. 

due to a lack of sleep last night (thanks to aforementioned hurricane and my 82,038 mosquito picos (bites), i was a little cranky today. 
it was so hot and humid, i was sleep deprived, and i was itchy everywhere. 

but then i got to spend some time with these little chicos, and everything changed.

they are so innocent, well-behaved, and sweet. 
we played with little plastic animalitos, sang, and practiced writing letters and numbers. 
and they loooved posing for the camera and seeing their faces pop up on my little playback screen... so darling. 

i've got a lot to learn, and sometimes it's hard, 
but these little kids make it worth it.

p.s. aren't they beautiful? don't worry, i have más y más y más where that came from! 

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kelzone said...

i am so 100% completely jealous. send my love to the dr.