Friday, August 3, 2012

la vida pura.

in costa rica, they have this phrase:
pura vida.
figuratively, it means almost everything good.
literally, it means "pure life." 

before visiting, 
i always thought that it was some touristy gimmick that they just used to sell tee shirts.
but after spending a few weeks there two summers ago,
i realized that in costa rica, pura vida is a way of happiness-- a way of life.
everyone says it, and everyone means it. 

and right now, 
as i take on a week full of weddings and finals,
i could use a little reminder of that pure life. 

and so my mind wanders...


to the bluest skies,
bananas the size of your fingers,
the most exotic of plant life,
hikes to volcanos, 
the best meal i ever ate,
and a really, really happy anna.

you know what?
i think that the ticos have it right!
life is pure; life is beautiful. 

even when your brain feels so full of anatomy terms that you think it might explode and your right eye has developed a regular, uncontrollable, fatigue-related twitch!

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