Monday, August 20, 2012


as i sit in jfk airport at 6:13 a.m. on a monday morning in august, 
halfway through a diet dr. pepper and more than a little bit drowsy, 
i think about the past few weeks. 

the undoubtedly bed-bug infested, harder-than-the-floor bed i slept in last night in queens,
the recent hectic (but awesome) wedding weekend in washington state (including my first time crafting a legitimate bridal bouquet and a beautiful shoot in a wheat field), 
the soreness that won't seem to leave my muscles, post workout/boating/move, 
the new apartment that awaits me in utah, only 1/3 of the way unpacked, 
the adventures with friends, 
the finals and upcoming scholastic endeavors that await with a new semester,
and alll the work. 

it has all been so crazy.
i know i've said it before, but i really have never slept so many four-hours-of-sleep nights in my life. 
but you know what? 
i wouldn't change it. 

i've made some incredible friends and wonderful memories.
i got some more schooling under my belt.
and i got to work with these wonderful people (among many, many others):


and now i'm off! again.
this time, i'm headed to the dominican republic to do a different kind of photography work. 
and i really cannot wait. 
i'm so grateful to have all of these excellent opportunities. 

see you in a few weeks, america!

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Unknown said...

gorgeous photos!!