Tuesday, October 23, 2012

rikki + erik: engagements, part one {salt lake city wedding photography}.

you know you love your job when despite a hectic week of midterms leading to utter exhaustion, the forty-degree weather, and your cozy bed that you haven't spent nearly enough time in lately, you are up before nine a.m. on a saturday with a smile on your face.
and this little engagement session with rikki {spain amigas for life!} and erik reminded me of just this. 

there's something i just love about shooting in the fall. 
maybe it's the cooler temperatures,
or the autumn lighting,
or the general aesthetics of it all...
but really, i could shoot in the fall-time, day after day after day.

maybe it's time i just drop out of college and shoot wedding photos full time? ;)
anyway, here is a preview of some of these fall engagements i'm currently drooling over...

o bowman10
o rikki
o bowman
o rikki2
o bowman5

p.s. yeah, i just winky faced up there. who am i? {please remember the aforementioned five midterms + GRE brain fry.}

{provo engagement photography}

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