Tuesday, November 27, 2012

jeremy + joscelyn: wedding {mesa wedding photography}.

this summer, i had the privilege of shooting a few weddings in the beautiful (and blazing hot!) arizona.
one of those weddings was my darling cousin josie's.
after several years of letter writing, courtship, and a few trips across the globe, her trans-continental love story finally blossomed, and she married her australian amor.
and we already love having jeremy in the family!

these two were so wonderful to work with, so full of laughter and excitement. 
their happiness was palpable,
and really, have you seen a handsomer couple? they are darling. 

their wedding in the mesa, arizona lds temple was followed by a tea-party inspired reception and a gleave family dance party (too much fun, really). 
again, i tend to be better with photos than i am with words, so let's just get to the photos! 

o pownall4
o pownall13
o pownall11
o pownall7
o pownall10
o pownall12
o pownall17
o pownall15
o pownall3
o pownall
o pownall9
o pownall16
o pownall24
o pownall27
o pownall26
o pownall29
o pownall30
o pownall18
o pownall25
o pownall2
o pownall35
o pownall28
o pownall6
o pownall19
o pownall34
o pownall33
o pownall32
o pownall22
o pownall20
o pownall21
o pownall36

congratulations, josie and jeremy!
thanks for letting me be a part of your special day; love you two!

{mesa, arizona wedding photography}


Christine said...

As a bride-to-be who is hunting a wedding photographer, I totally wish the portfolio photos that I've been viewing were half this nice! North Mississippi is the pits for finding an amazing wedding photographer!

Karen said...

The best part is, you made taking pictures fun. It was a pleasure watching you work, you have a gift for putting people at ease and feeling comfortable in front of a camera. Your work is beautiful. I still love looking back at the photos because it teleports me back to that beautiful day where we all really enjoyed the celebration.