Saturday, January 5, 2013

so this is the new year!

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year two thousand and twelve was absolutely insane...
it was the best and the worst and non-stop busyness all at once. 

i have so much to be grateful for.
i finished my last classes on campus at brigham young university.
i traveled and traveled and traveled.
i overcame most of my chronic illnesses and several difficult trials.
i photographed dozens of beautiful people and events.
i completed 54 credits... and successfully, at that!
i developed many new friendships and strengthened old ones.
i was accepted to johns hopkins university for graduate school.
and i grew closer to my lord and savior, jesus christ.

this new years, i found myself overwhelmed with gratitude as i contemplated my past year. 
grateful for all of the incredible people i have in my life, for my experiences, and for my religion. 

i celebrated new year's eve in orange county with two of my best friends and many other new friends.
we spent the evening dining, chatting, dancing, blasting "come on eileen" as we drove down the intestate, and relaxing by the fire.
and as we rang in the new year,
i felt this incredible sense of optimism.

you know what? 
it feels good to be one of those twenty somethings with the world at my fingertips, 
surrounded by the greatest of friends and family,
and a year full of opportunities and adventures that await. 

so, here goes nothing, 2013. 
let's make it a good one! 

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