Tuesday, March 26, 2013

gran via{je}.

so i'm sitting here in the riga, lativa airport, trying to navigate blogger in latvian {which is in fact much harder than one might expect}, and reflecting a bit on my most recent european adventure that is nearing its end.
it was such a whirlwind... it kind of feels as if it was all a dream. 
it was wonderful and spontaneous and stressful at times, 
but i saw so many new ways of life and had some beautiful, cultural experiences--
made new friends and became closer with my darling american friend.
and i think it'll take a few months of reflecting to totally comprehend how awesome it has been!

during the first leg of our trip, we revisited my beloved españa. 
our first afternoon, we stumbled upon gran via and spent a good hour just exploring and marveling and checking out all of the shopping. 
i love the gran via because it has this definite metropolitan vibe that you can't quite get in any other part of madrid.
also, did i mention the shopping?


oh, europe.
i can't really get enough of you. 
this time around has really been another gran viaje

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Unknown said...

Ah Madrid! Me encanta Gran Via tambien!