Saturday, September 21, 2013

HUGE announcement! business relaunch.

the other night, i was thinking about the last few years. so naturally, i thought about what's been such a major part of those last four years: my job.
this job that initially sort of just fell into my lap, but after hours and hours and hours of work and study, i've made it into something wonderful.

so the other night, i sat there and wrote down the names of every one of my wedding clients (from memory! that's how much i like them) and discovered that in the last 3.5 years, i've shot 53 weddings.
fifty-three weddings. 
and this is working part time, while getting a degree at byu, studying abroad... oh yeah, and throw four surgeries and an engagement in there. 

i am honestly so overwhelmed with gratitude and humbled by the hundreds of amazing individuals i've met along the way. for the number and quality of individuals who have entrusted me with some of their most precious memories and most beautiful moments. for those who have flown me across the globe, taken me in as family, and shared with me their stories and their love.
i thank my heavenly father for whom i've met, for what i've learned, and for whom i've become because of my work. 

i'm grateful for the chance i had to shoot bridals in the gulf of mexico, to explore the texas panhandle, to take on a few los angeles weddings, and to brave the heat of august in washington, d.c.
i've loved the many excuses i've had to return home to denver-- to shoot on top of mountains in boulder, to photograph at my home temple, and to reconnect with friends from high school.
i have been honored to capture the wedding days of my best friends, my darling cousins, and my beautiful aunt. 
i have had the opportunity to photograph some of the most precious children in the world while working for non-profits and NGOs in the dominican republic, malawi, and peru.
i have loved watching my work change and grow and evolve as i gained more experience and decided who i want to be as an artist. 

i have been so, so blessed. to get to express myself artistically and to earn a living doing something that i absolutely love. i couldn't be happier or more grateful.

since i  now have a bit of free time before i start graduate school, i figured it was time to hunker down and get serious about my work. 
so now that i have a gorgeous new camera in hand (!!!!!), i'm officially re-launching anna gleave photography.

this means: new branding, new site, new blog (you know, that one i've been talking about since (oh) may!), and some new contests!  
you guys, there are SO many exciting things in the works (stylized shoots, product photography, and design.. oh my!) 
though all of these pieces will come together over the next few weeks, i want to start things off with a BANG and begin my first contest immediately. each month until the end of the year, i will host a contest giveaway, to show appreciation for all of my clients (current/past/future) and to show you all just how much i love capturing the beauty in everyday life and everyday love. 

my first contest is a cutest couple contest, that will give one lucky couple $700 of free wedding portraits (that's like half of a wedding! or a full engagement session AND groomals session!). the second-place couple will receive 25% off of their wedding packages, and every other couple that enters will receive 15% off of their wedding packages.

rules and details will be explained tomorrow here. but in the meantime... tell every engaged or soon-to-be engaged couple you know! 

and can i just say it again? thank you, merci, gracias, grazie, danke... to all of my clients all over the globe! i love you and am so grateful for the chance i have had to photograph your beauty. 



Corey said...
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Clement Park Ward Youth Trek said...

That's awesome, Anna! We love and cherish the pictures you took on our wedding day, and loved the opportunity to work with you. So glad things are working out so well! You have a great talent :)