Saturday, January 25, 2014

new beginnings + stuff.

hey, yooou guys! just a little heads up, that i'm alive and (really pretty) well. 
i have about a million reasons that i took off on you guys over the past few months-- primarily centering around becoming so ill that i couldn't handle much more than netflix reruns, fruit snacks, + barely being able to manage my business. 

now, a few months later (and a few pounds heavier), i'm eating a bit more, doing a lot more, and spending lots of time with this guy... 

although i have a bunch of other exciting web-based projects i'm currently working on, 
one of my goals for 2014 is to update this little personal blog of mine at least once a week. 
soooo we'll just pretend that it's not already the third week of january (what the heck?!) and start now. 

i'm all about new beginnings, whenever they might come. ya? 

also, interesting little side note: turns out, this blog has been getting just as much love/page hits daily as when i was updating regularly. so, thanks to those of you who've been checking up on me! let's get excited that i'm back!

 photo ® red poppy photos by stacy thiot. 

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K&R said...

love this picture!
can't wait to read more about your life!