Monday, August 11, 2014

san juan daydreams.

while gearing up for all of my finals last week, i couldn't stop thinking about more relaxing times. naturally, my mind drifted to some of the most recent, happy times: honeymooning in puerto rico. i couldn't stop thinking about the clear blue skies, that idyllic, teal caribbean water, and the sweet, garlic-y taste of mofongo. 
we spent the last weekend of our honeymoon in bayamón, near the capital of san juan. we had heard such great things about old san juan; so naturally, we had to venture into town to see what all of the hype was about. 
we loved just wandering the streets, checking out the different little restaurants and shops, and taking a million photographs (obviously). 
also... pretty little kitties everywhere! mateo was pretty excited about that part of it. 

we highly recommend checking out the plaza de armas, different forts (another post for another day), and grabbing empanadas any time you can. 
tell me you don't want to visit san juan after seeing these photos! i dare you. 

also, don't mind my awkward glamour shots. just have to prove to my mom that i was actually there enjoying it and everything, not just stuck behind the lens. one day, i'll figure out how to make myself look good in a photograph.

considering that puerto rico is US territory, and all, i'd definitely have to say that san juan is my new favorite american city! i'd go back in a heartbeat. 
who wants to join us?

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