Friday, May 11, 2018

babymoon pt. one.

we knew that travel + life in general were going to get more complicated after our baby girl's arrival, and thus, we wanted to find the perfect getaway this past summer to celebrate our babymoon.

we were lucky enough to book some weddings in europe during the same week, so we hopped on a plane and escaped to some gorgeous parts of the world!

our first stop was germany, where we head to frankfurt to spend some time with our sweet friends + photograph a lovely elopement. after traveling for nearly 24 hours and getting off the plane extraordinarily swollen (thaaaanks, pregnancy!) despite doing all of the ankle raises known to man on the plane and wearing these lifesaver compression socks, we met up with our friends and celebrated mateo's first night in germany with a trip to nearby weisbaden for an outdoor festival. 

julia, elena, and lucas showed us the best german goodies (hello, pretzels + bratwurst), and we had a wonderful time wandering the square and taking in the pretty german architecture.

the following day, julia treated us to a trip to heidelberg, which was absolutely incredible! nestled in a little valley, the town is so scenic and offers perfect views of the rhine. we had the perfect day wandering the streets, exploring the castle, and trying heidelberg's famous "snowballs," which was essentially a giant ball of rolled dough covered in toppings.

this day also marked the first time a complete stranger asked if i was pregnant! despite how it looked, i was 20 weeks pregnant at the time, but i had very little bump to show for it. the heat and swelling were getting to me, so i sat down on this short tram right up the hill to the castle. i was feeling suuuper guilty when our car became packed with elderly tourists, since i was a young, able-looking gal taking up one of the few seats. i instinctively rubbed my teeny bump a few times, and this sweet old lady asked me if i was pregnant in french. i nodded, and she proceeded to fan me with her travel brochure and tell all the ladies around her the good news.  it was such a sweet little memory!

our time in germany was capped off with the most divine, homemade german meal by lovely barbara and some fun games of cards.

it was also on this leg of the trip that mateo felt baby girl move for the first time in my belly! we ended up stuck in paris on our way to spain after a train fiasco, and it was there that lil mama was dancing around in my belly so much that mateo could actually feel those tiny kicks and flutters. such sweet memories.

is this place beautiful or what?! so grateful for the chance we had to explore one of my favorite countries together and visit with our amazing friends. our time together was far too short! love you guys! 

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