Wednesday, April 8, 2009

i've got the world on a string

     So I come to the library to study for once, and what do I decide to do? Blog. Since when do I even blog? But, I do feel oddly justified in this blogging situation, considering what I feel inspired to write about has a great deal of merit, en mi opinión. 
      So what is this ever-so-important topic that I choose to blog about in the library? Happiness
     What a concept, huh? I don't really know why, but 
lately, I have just been utterly content. This contentment, I realize, has a lot to do with my recent improvement in health. I think sometimes going through the hard stuff, you know, the five months of illness and such, do the most to make a person appreciate the simplicity and beauty of simply living. Tonight, I am going to see the new Invisible Children documentary--something I am incredibly excited about. It is 
in thinking about crises such as the current one in Uganda that make me feel ridiculous for ever not feeling happy. 
     Today, I am happy. No, I am not just happy...I am captivated with happiness. Happiness, joy, felicidad, however you want to put it--it has taken over my body. I can feel it in every step, in (nearly) every thought. It's one of those days, I just can't help but smile. And for what reason? The skies are gray today. It is windy. It even rained. Thus, there has been no apparent reason for me to be particularly happy. Which leads me to wonder, how silly is it for us to need a reason to be happy? Isn't being alive reason enough? 
    As of present, I just feel so content to be here. Even though I have a million things to worry about, I am choosing not to. I want to enjoy this dreary Wednesday in Provo, Utah. I want to skip through the rain while listening to Regina Spektor. And, I just might. 
     I am happy about the rain. I am happy to have an amazing family. I am happy in the spontaneity i call my friends. I am happy to be healthy. I am happy to have eyes, to see this beautiful world. I am happy. 
      I once heard someone say, "love life, and life will love you back". In my past pessimistic point of life, I thought that this sounded like a whole bunch of nonsense. However, today I am fully and completely in understanding of the statement. You could say, I am epitomizing it. 

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Bennett and Stacie said...

I'm so happy for your happiness. You've inspired me to be happier!