Friday, April 10, 2009

Summertime: the livin's easy

I've got that restless feeling in my tummy. 
The sunshine is starting to win the battles over the snow and rain.
The temperature is rising. 
My attention span  is beginning to decrease rapidly.

This can only mean one thing. SUMMER is near. 

The excitement of this situation is taking over my life. 
And the fact that I've been participating in some wildly summer-esque type of activities has been helping me get stoked too. 

Holi: Festival of Colors
Spanish Fork, Utah
We Hare Krishna'd, basked in the sun, and got a bit colorful on one glorious Saturday. 
My Miniature Spring Break
Mesa/Phoenix, Arizona
Oranges, sunshine, and familia--what could be better?
Peacin' Out of Provo for the Day
St. George, Utah
An adventure to St. George and back in a day, all for the prize of In-N-Out burger and some fantastic memories. 
Life is good. 

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