Sunday, July 19, 2009

hammer down, now.

i sometimes wonder why it is that life can throw us so many curveballs, why it seems at times that once you reach the top of that mountain of a challenge, there is just another taller, seemingly-unclimbable mountain placed in front of you. and i feel as if that is my unfortunate position at present. though, is it truly unfortunate? i know that there is good out of every situation, no matter how terrible it seems.
like when i was a sophomore in high school, running my school's home meet. those cross country meets were quite difficult at times, but i had started this meet out strongly and was leading for the first few miles of the race. all of a sudden, my whole abdomen cramped up like crazy, and i could think about nothing but the discomfort that subway sandwich was causing in my stomach. i pushed on, however, and i finally made it to the last 400 meters of the course. seeing a familiar face, one of my coaches, i managed to get something along the lines of "coach, i'm gonna throw up" in between gasps of breath. though i suppose i expected at least a little sympathy, my coach, ever-so-lovingly responded, "it makes the grass grow. hammer down, now."
hammering down was my coach's way of saying to step it up and dig in to your kick so that you could push through the hardest part of the race. so maybe i need to take this into consideration for my present state of life. though i have been faced again with immense health problems and don't feel well enough to do much of anything, maybe i need to think of this time to dig in and to try to find the positives that could come out of this new challenge--the grass growing, if you will. i guess i will have to give this a try; maybe a bit of extra effort will help me get through it this time... maybe it will he helpful to just get through it and hammer down, now.


Brita said...

This is a great way to look at it. You're attitude just amazes me. You're one tough chick and I know you will be able to pull through and come out on top.

Nameless said...

Anna Gleave, you inspire me. Truly.
<3 Sister Gibbs