Thursday, July 23, 2009

365 down, 365 to go!

i distinctly remember the events of july 23, 2008. i remember how proud of him i was. i remember how impressed i was with his courage. i remember watching him walk through the "missionaries this way" door and the many tears that followed... oh, how we all cried. who knew that a kid who had picked on me for sixteen years would become my closest friend and then be so dang hard to say goodbye to? i mean, it would only be two years...
well, i am incredibly pleased to announce that my big brother only has one year left until his return! in one year, i will no longer have to be so jealous of all of my friends who have older brothers in provo. in one year, i can watch nuggets games with him. in one year, we can begin planning our trip to spain. oh, i cannot wait.
though as of now, i have to be happy for him, as he is having the time of his life in virginia. he loves his missionary life and is doing an amazing job in serving the lord and the spanish-speaking community. he is such an incredible example to me, and i anticipate wednesday mornings each week when i receive my e-mails from him. i just couldn't be prouder. for those of you who've had missionary brothers, i am sure you know the feeling well.
my cute guillermo is just so thrilled to be here...

and he's even happier to be working with these wonderful people!

needless to say, i cannot wait for july 23, 2010. i can't wait to reunite with mi hermano.
i hope this final year goes by a bit more quickly...

oh, and ladies, get excited!
(he is a stud)

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Katie said...

Congrats on the milestone! I remember being so excited when my brother hit the one year mark :)