Sunday, July 26, 2009

a pleasant little discovery.

today (okay, more like every day recently) has been kind of hard. as i am going through this illness, it is often the little things that get me through the day: a text message from an old friend, a letter from some corner of the world, a particularly delicious popsicle, or in today's case- the discovery of a new, happy little song. i've been listening to this more or less non-stop today. besides the actual individual, lovely aesthetics of the song, it makes me think of a blissful future, the comfort of pure love, and the beauty of life.
thank you, miss michaelson.

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Bennett and Stacie said...

Ah, yes, this has been my "happy song" for quite some time now. It makes me so happy that you have now discovered it. It works wonders on those downer days.