Wednesday, August 5, 2009

lessons learned.

in traveling through germany, i learned many things:
-germans are nice.
-mad king ludwig had mad castle-constructing skilllls.
-germany likes nutella... a lot.
-germans make incredible nutella ice cream.
-my father loves fountains... and cuckoo clocks.
-life is fragile; we are so lucky to be alive and free.
-bavaria is beautiful.
you don't believe me? as evidence of this, i will give you a little lesson through photos to support the things that i learned. get excited!

füssen, germany. the quaintest, most adorable town!

discovery: my father loves fountains.

castles are too big for normal humans. they must only be fit for a king, or something.

this is why i just might move to füssen some day.

proof that german nutella ice cream is like heaven. please note benny's flight of the conchord's inspired shirt. he makes me proud.

like father, like children. we all loved the fountains, too.

gorgeous neuschwanstein. props to king l!

a happy little hike away from the castle.

hohenschwangau, another masterpiece of king ludwig set in the amazing alps.

i feel as if everybody deserves to visit this unbelievable part of the world at some point in his/her life. i would go back in a heartbeat. but i am so grateful to have had the opportunity to visit with my wonderful family and to have these lovely pictures to reminisce about it!

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Brita said...

What?!! Nutella ice cream? Ummm...if I go to Germany I'm never coming home. I loooove looking at your pictures. Thanks for sharing.